The Music Never Ends...

These are a few of my favorite things

My friend doesnt know when but im gonna spam her tumblr with gay porn soon.
And her twitter
Never anger me xD

Im watching a show about a lady who married a gay porn star.
He has sex with more than 3 men a day.
“But Im not gay” He keeps reitterating…

Its gotten to the point where I ship my own boyfriend with other men…

Can You Imagine Harry addressing hate( if he got any) when Larry comes out?

I’ve literally done nothing to any of you.
And if I have, I’m so sorry
But I just can’t lie anymore

I thought Everyone would be happy for us
Which some are, but
Others have been absolutely nasty towards me.

You know, I just wish that
Everyone could accept this
People have told me to just quit the band and leave
At first I thought about it, but

Theres nothing wrong with me
I’m the same Harry you’ve all fallen in love with
I’m not any different

I’m just open with it now
I’m with Louis

And I love him.

OMG STOP! Just stop okay. You larry shippers make me soo sick!! Louis is not gay or bi so just stop!! He has a girlfriend and they are happy together. Why can't you guys get that through your stupid heads!! You need to be gay somewhere else and get off Tumblr if you believe these lies ok!!!!

Let me tell you a story. I’ve been to my mom’s job before and three men always seem to stand out. They are all married. And they all have at least two kids. From the moment I met them I knew, they were all gay. Like a “not even trying to hide it gay.” But one time one of their wives came by to visit. I watched this man change from a cheerful, full of life, happy homo, to a serious, fixed smile, trying to be straight man.

Why am I saying this? Don’t ever tell me a man is automatically straight because he’s with a woman. Gay/ bi men hide behind woman all the time because they are either scared or ashamed.

Need another example? Elton John. A man gayer than three diamond studded double rainbows spitting skittles once dated women and was even married at one time.

And I’m straight sweetheart. You don’t have to be gay to support gay rights. Everyone who is in love deserves to have to same rights as others. That doesn’t make me gay.

Get out of my face with your “he can’t be gay he has a girlfriend” bullshit. You don’t know what goes on behind closed doors…

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